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Office of Discipline and Legal Affairs is a work unit under the supervision of Administration Division, Office of the President.The Office is comprised of two teams and one unit.


  • Discipline Team: This section is responsible for discipline exertion, appeal, and complaint. It also deals with NIDA employees who violate their study leave contracts, collect facts and evidence for legal proceedings, as well as handling liabilities for wrongful acts of NIDA personnel. .   
  • Legal Affairs Team: This section assumes responsible for reviewing/revising legal drafts, pondering and judging legal issues, drawing up contracts and other legal documents, and dealing with other assignments.
  • General Affairs Unit: This section takes charge of plan preparations, budget, finance and accounting, personnel, materials, meeting documents, printing, and other support tasks.  


Currently, the Discipline Team and Legal Affairs Team consist of six people, four of whom are in a tenured post while the other two positions remain vacant. Details are as follows: 

  • Head of Discipline Sectionand Legal Affairs Section is Mr. Suphan Plai-mas, Legal Officer, Level 7. 
  • Staff at Discipline Sectionand Legal Affairs Sectionincludes Ms. Prapassorn Pratumnog and Ms. Pattaraporn Yenbut. Both of them are institute employees in the Legal Officer post. Both of them jointly work for both Discipline Teamand Legal Affairs Team. 
  • The General Affairs Section has only one staff member whose name is Ms. Kamolchanok Sukayanee. She is also an institute employee in the position of General Administration Officer.

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